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This space is dedicated to featuring and honoring the Writers of Color out there who through their words and actions continue to demand justice in what continues to be an unjust world. 

Melisa Garcia
My name is Melisa Garcia and I am a 3rd year PhD student in English, Rhetoric and Writing. Over the years, writing has always been an important aspect of the way I process and construct ideas. In other instances, writing poetry has saved me. It has allowed me to show my emotions, gather family histories, and sparse through the way that my Central American background can be imagined. This is why I write.

Instagram : @melichapoeta
Tania Balderas
I write because the fury and the love in my heart cannot be contained in its flesh receptacle. I write to try to right the wrongs.
I write so that my ancestors who sacrificed much so that I can live a life of freedom and dignity will continue to live on through my words. I owe them that much; I write because I’m overwhelmed with love and gratitude.
I write because the oppressed, my brothers and sisters in humanity have a right to exist in our texts.
Gustavo Goose Garcia
I am a second year PhD student at the Univ. of New Mexico. While a handful of my writing is academic based, I read and write to make sense of my current reality. I research and write to understand the stories of my family and the experiences of my community. I write to name how structural violence impacts the life of my family but more broadly about people who are othered in the US. I write to build community and to center Indigenous life. Xicano, Zapoteco, y Oaxaqueño. Que vivan las indigenas!
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