Xicana Profe

I am a Writer of Color, something I am proud of. But what I found is that often time we are alone out there, or struggling to keep our writing going, or both. 


I started this site to create a supportive space for  Writers of Color and as a place where Everyday Writers can be featured, we are the writers who aren't necessarily writing to just get published, we are the writers who through our words are demanding change and  justice. We are the writers who write because we love the word and need to express what's on our minds and in our hearts.


As Writers of Color we need places and spaces where we feel at home, where we won't be questioned, and where we don't need to explain to others why we write about the things we do. 


This is the beginning of what I hope continues as a life long project, for myself, and for the many other Writers of Color who want to belong to a shared and supportive community.

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