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Our words have long been part of the legacy of resistance, resilience, and revolution. We will not be silenced.


Through our words we will continue to demand justice, disrupt hierarchies, and build a movement. 
Sharing our stories is our responsibility.

Adult Students

A Community of Writers

As Writers of Color it is vital that we find others and create supportive spaces as a means of solidarity, but also of ensuring our writing continues. The intent of Writers of Color is to build a community of writers who support one another in developing our writing.

Working Over Coffee

The Process

The idea is that by joining other Writers of Color to write and share writing strategies and techniques on a regular basis, we not only build a community of writers, but become more intentional and productive in our own writing.


Telling our Stories

Whether you are writing fiction, nonfiction, articles, novels, poetry, screenwriting, etc. it is our obligation and responsibility to tell our own stories. Writing has long been part of our history and legacy as People of Color and we must continue on that path. Writing is not just about getting published, it is about using our words to disrupt, demand, and transform.

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Writers of Color

Meetup Group 


Albuquerque, NM

January  2019

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